For many children and their parents, the idea of starting secondary school can be very stressful and can bring up a number of questions. A grade 6 student who also has to take an admission exam will often feel added stress.

Preparing your child for secondary school…where to begin?

Proper preparation starts with maintaining a good academic record in order to have the most options available to the student. The quality of the academic record is of increasing importance in the admission process, and this is why we offer personalized tutoring sessions to help maintain or increase grades year-round.
Then, there are the admission exams in the fall for grade 6 students who want to eventually get into a private secondary school or a specialized study program. For 20 years now, S.O.S Studies has specialized in preparing students for those admission exams and has developed a program that has proven itself successful.


Steps in the preparation program

1. A Review

A review of important French and mathematics notions that usually present a challenge to students during admission exams.

2. A strategy and methodology section covering subjects such as:

How to deal with the stress of an admission exam;
How to answer questions – timed multiple choice exams;
How to manage allotted time in various types of exams.

3. A practice admission exam

Allowing the child to go through the experience once and to apply the strategies and techniques learned.

4. A detailed evaluation report

A detailed evaluation report for each student. This report will show the student’s ranking in the group and will also explain the student’s strengths and weaknesses in detail.

5. Feedback and advice

Feedback and advice to the parents to help them better guide their child throughout the process, all the way to the official exams.


Avoiding excessive preparation

Our program’s main goal is to help students trust in their ability to pass the fall admission exam. The program was conceived with that in mind, and we believe it fully meets this objective.

The team at S.O.S. Studies advises against excessive preparation, which could unwittingly add to the student’s stress and pressure. In the end, the admission exam should be a positive life experience for your child – a child who, let’s not forget, is only 11 years old!


Registering for the program

More detailed information and the 2016 schedule are now available. You can now register online, by phone or in person at the S.O.S. Studies Outaouais or S.O.S. Studies Laval & Montreal.

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