Academic support involves not only the child’s and the tutor’s commitment, but also the parent’s active participation. Unfortunately, parents of a child who has a learning difficulty or disability can find it particularly challenging to be actively involved and can often end up feeling overwhelmed.

With that in mind, S.O.S. Studies offers support not only to the students, but also to their parents and families.
Please contact your regional S.O.S. Studies for more information.

Special education consultations

For parents constantly struggling when it comes to helping their child with homework and lessons;

When a learning difficulty persists, and you are not sure which specialist to turn to;

To get a second opinion on your child’s academic needs and challenges, or to learn more about your rights in the current school system;

For parents having trouble accessing certain services at school;

To better understand your child’s specific situation and the challenges to be overcome.

Useful training for parents

(private, semi-private, or small group practical workshops)

  • Using Antidote efficiently;
  • Using text-to-speech software, such as Word Q;
  • Helping your child transition smoothly from primary to secondary school;
  • Providing daily guidance to your child on their academic journey—concrete strategies;
  • Understanding the many different learning styles;
  • Learning about students’ autonomy and appropriate work methods;
  • And many other topics.